Calculating Poker Odds

The safest way to approach a game of Poker is to calculate the Poker odds that are possible. While there are means to ensure that this can be properly monitored, it is, without a doubt, fairly close to impossible to be able to do so while at the table. Bringing along an odds calculator sheet for security purposes and making sure that one can face the odds that are stacked once the deck is dealt is an alternative. Given time and practice however, once players get a hang of the odds they will eventually learn how to handle given situations with ease so that they can properly implement a more effective performance and handle their hands well in dealing with the proper calculation of Poker odds.

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Dealing with Stacked Odds

There are many ways to work around the game of Poker and when determining the odds, and Poker players should initially consider this before the actual game play is underway. Among things to keep in mind is the Rule of Four. Two is an easy way to calculate the odds for any situation where you know how many outs you have. The rule is not completely accurate, but will give you an idea of your chances for making a hand. On the flop you multiply your number of outs by four. On the turn you multiply your number of outs by two. This will not give you a completely accurate estimate, but it will provide you with a quick figure to work with. Outs are the cards in the deck that will help you make your hand. If you hold a 3 and a 5 of spades and there are two spades on the flop. That leaves 9 spades left in the deck since there are 13 cards in each suit. So you now have 9 outs to make the flush.

Being aware of the calculated Poker odds prior to the game enables players to know what to do in most of the game's scenarios and this in turn helps them become strategically capable of outplaying their opponents. From a conservative point of view, they might be able to avoid the probability of losing a higher promising earning from a set. This in turn will also assist in their placed wagers and prove to make this game of chance and risk more enjoyable.

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Protecting Self Interest

In any monetary related endeavor, whether it be business or pleasure, every person should always be concerned with where and how their money should be used. In most cases, people will always look towards trends, odds and such to see the chances that they can expect or face when partaking in such a venture. Poker is not so different from this, and people always want the best out of their money. Without a doubt, calculating Poker odds is a certainty, if they are to expect a favorable and good way to use their money.


by Bones McCoy at on February 10, 2006

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