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So you have been hearing a lot of noise about online Poker rooms? The game of poker has become a national gaming phenomenon in recent years. The popularity of the game has been attributed not only to the celebrity exposure, but also to the online aspect of the game. As with so many other pastimes in America, online poker rooms have been become a way for a novice to become a pro, a fan to become a player and for someone who knows nothing about the game to follow their favorite player all the way to the World Series of Poker, that is.

Online poker rooms have become more popular among website operators, as the margin of profit is greater than that of running an actual poker game. Online poker rooms also cater to all levels of player, from the novice to the advanced player. These online poker rooms give the player the benefit of online tutorials, tips and tricks from pros, information on upcoming competitions and more. Novice players can enter into different online poker rooms to get a feel for the game before ever having to enter stakes into a game of their own.

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Before committing yourself to any one online poker organization, do your research. Find out if this is a reputable online poker room. Any complaints? Do they have room for beginners? What is their BBB rating? What other ratings, in association with online poker, do they have? Chat with some of the people participating and found out how they like the online poker room.

Novices should start with online poker rooms that offer an introductory course for beginners. Take care to stay away from rooms that don't offer any information about rules of play. Online poker rooms are the perfect way to learn about the game from the ground up, without the pressure of being in a loud, intimidating casino.

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Many online poker rooms also offer intermediate and expert players a chance to play against people of their caliber. These players often have a chance to play several different hands at one time, affording them an opportunity to win even more money. This is because online poker rooms are not limited to one dealer. This lets players place more than one bet, a situation that is to the benefit of the player and the online poker room. The site makes more money with more bets, but the player has the opportunity to win in more than hand.

Online poker rooms have become so popular that pros often use it as a way to brush up on their poker skills between tournaments and competitions. It is a safe alternative to a casino, provided you understand the rules of each room, ask questions before entering a game and pick up as many tips and tricks as possible. All of this will contribute to making you a better poker player and will result in a better chance at winning.


by Bones McCoy at on February 10, 2006

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