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Many people do not realize the potential of a satellite poker tournament. Have you ever dreamed of entering a high stakes poker tournament? Sure, the prize money is enough to make anyone wish they could pull up a chair, but the entry fees are another thing entirely. Often thousands of dollars, the entry fees are too steep for the average person to enter a high stakes poker tournament. What many people don't realize is the fact that a satellite poker tournament can be your key to entering a big money tournament.

If you've heard the term "satellite poker tournament" but you're not quite sure what it means, satellite poker tournaments are typically inexpensive tournaments that are usually held online or at a casino. Players enter the tournament after paying a meager entry fee. There are usually a large number of players vying to win first place in the satellite poker tournament.

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The reason why the first place title in a satellite poker tournament is so coveted is the fact that the prize for winning is that you will obtain your paid entry fee into a large poker tournament. In many cases, the prize for a satellite poker tournament is a several thousand dollar entry fee into a larger tournament. For a person who dreams of entering a high stakes tournament but would never consider wagering thousands of dollars out of his own money in hopes of winning a tournament, a World series of Poker satellite is a great option.

Since satellite tournament entry fees are affordable, many people feel comfortable entering the tournaments. Although winning the seat in the larger tournament is a long shot, the entry fee to the satellite tournament was small. It definitely beats wagering thousands of dollars of your own money in hopes that you will outplay seasoned players in a large tournament. Players usually feel that, even if they don't win, they only invested a meager amount of money. For people who enjoy a good game of Poker, the small entry fee is worth an entertaining day of gambling - regardless of the outcome.

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With poker favorites like No-limit Texas Hold'em becoming quite the rage in America, many of us find ourselves watching our favorite players battle it out on television in World Series of Poker tournaments and World Poker Tour tournaments. In recent years, more and more no-name players have gone on to win huge tournaments, becoming instant millionaires. How did they do this? They did it by entering satellite tournaments. You never know... you could be next!


by Bones at Poker Room on August 04, 2006

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