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Poker tournament rule number one is last until you are in the money. The number two poker tournament rule is getting to the final table and the third is winning the tournament. This was a little tongue in cheek except the first poker tournament rule. Getting into the money is a goal and rule that all players should try to achieve. There are real rules that should be followed in order to make it into the money.

Do not go all in on a draw. That rule is violated on TV all of the time. You see it over and over when a player has ace king. Watch how many players get knocked out of a tournament drawing to ace king. Watch how many small starting pairs hold up in tournaments. Drawing to ace small suited also is a weak starting hand as you are hoping to make a flush and if you get an ace on the flop you may well be out kicked. Another basic rule to follow is do not call with a small pair if there are raises before your turn to act.

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Tournaments are much more stressful than cash games as one error can end your tournament play. This means that you must play thoughtfully and with patience. Rushing into a call is not a wise play on the part of any player. Think about what the player you are calling may have to force the bet. If you do not believe you have the best of it, fold.

If you are fortunate enough to build a large chip stack, you can become the table bully. This position allows you to gamble more on the draws that you play. This position lets you make it very expensive for a player to call on a marginal hand.

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The endplay of a tournament depends on card luck and skill at playing marginal hands. Large pairs are easy to play. Seven three suited is the hand you will have to learn to play at this stage of the game. Due to the large blinds, you cannot just sit and wait for a terrific hand. The players and not the cards dictate the play at this point. This is the final tournament poker rule.


by Bones McCoy at Poker Room on April 07, 2007

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