Win a World Poker Tour Seat

Win a World Poker Tour Seat

How do you win a seat to the WPT (World Poker Tour)? Any Texas Holdem Poker player can win seat WPT via what are called "satellite tournaments". These entry games are offered by many online poker websites. A web search will quickly give you the website for one of these online poker rooms. Those poker rooms, which host one of the many WPT tournaments, usually have low entry fee satellite games. Check the WPT tour schedule to see if a room you like is hosting a WPT event and setting these special games.

The advantage of win seat WPT is a significantly lower cost than paying directly to be in the tournament. Also many satellites offer not only a seat for winning the game, but give the winner some expense money to make the trip to the tournament. Many web games and live rooms offer several satellite sessions. If you are determined to win a seat, there is ample opportunity.

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What does it take to win a WPT seat? The winner has to be lucky when it counts and also play solid cards. Being able to make timely bluffs is always going to give the player an edge. The best hand dealt in a round at a table does not always win. A tight player can win by bluffing at a timely point in the round and not have the best hand. Watch any tournament on TV and this becomes very clear.

The play in either a satellite game or the final WPT event has a natural progression. The first objective: win enough money to build up a reasonable stake. Money in Holdem equals power. Players with larger chip stacks can run over those players who are just trying to hang on. Getting to the final table is every player's goal. Winning the tournament is the ultimate goal. You cannot win if you do not get to the final table. The last rule is for your good hands to hold up when it counts. This is true in spades at the final table.

Win your seat into the next World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour event by joining Bovada Poker and playing in a satellite tournament (Win one of twelve $12K WSOP Main Event Packages (May 4 to June 7)!

Winning a seat into the WPT is the first step in turning a small amount of money into a very large amount of money. WSOP satellite fees are very small when compared to paying directly to enter the main event. The reward can easily be in the millions. Tournaments seen on TV have been won often by players who came to the game via the satellite route.


by Bones at Poker Room on July 31, 2006

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